SIGCSE 2020 Best Papers

CS Education Research

Best paper: “Competitive Enrollment Policies in Computing Departments Negatively Predict First-Year Students’ Sense of Belonging, Self-Efficacy, and Perception of Department” by An Nguyen, Harvey Mudd College; Colleen M. Lewis, Harvey Mudd College. Fri 1:45 pm in D135

2nd Best paper: “Dual-Modality Instruction and Learning: A Case Study in CS1” by Jeremiah Blanchard, University of Florida; Christina Gardner-McCune, University of Florida; Lisa Anthony, University of Florida Fri 4:10 pm in E145

3rd Best paper: “What Are Cybersecurity Education Papers About? A Systematic Literature Review of SIGCSE and ITiCSE Conferences” by Valdemar Švábenský, Masaryk University; Jan Vykopal, Masaryk University; Pavel Čeleda, Masaryk University. Thu 10:45 am in E145

Experience Reports and Tools

Best paper: “Applying NCWIT Protocol to Broaden Participation in Computing: A Case Study of CS@Mines” by Tracy Camp, Colorado School of Mines; Christine Liebe, Colorado School of Mines; Michelle Slattery, Peak Research, NCWIT ES Consultant. Fri 10:45 am in D135

2nd Best paper: “A Comparison of Two Pair Programming Configurations for Upper Elementary Students” by Jennifer Tsan, North Carolina State University; Jessica Vandenberg, North Carolina State University; Zarifa Zakaria, North Carolina State University; Joseph B. Wiggins, University of Florida; Alexander R. Webber, University of Florida; Amanda Bradbury, North Carolina State University; Collin Lynch, North Carolina State University; Eric N. Wiebe, North Carolina State University; Kristy Elizabeth Boyer, University of Florida.
Thu 4:35 pm in E145

3rd Best paper: “Reviewing CS1 Materials through a Collaborative Software Engineering Exercise: An Experience Report” by Jessica Young Schmidt, North Carolina State University.
Thu 4:10pm in D135

Curricula Initiatives

Best paper: “Design Principles behind Beauty and Joy of Computing” by Paul Goldenberg, Education Development Center; June Mark, Education Development Center; Brian Harvey, University of California, Berkeley; Al Cuoco, Education Development Center; Mary Fries, Education Development Center.
Thu 1:45 pm in D135

2nd Best paper: “Teaching Autonomous Systems at 1/10th-scale: Design of the F1/10 Racecar, Simulators and Curriculum” by Abhijeet Agnihotri, Oregon State University; Matthew O’Kelly, University of Pennsylvania; Houssam Abbas, Oregon State University; Rahul Mangharam, University of Pennsylvania.
Fri 2:35 pm, E145

3rd Best paper: “Creating a Balanced Data Science Program” by Joel C. Adams, Calvin University Thu 2:10 pm in E145