SIGCSE 2020 Presenter Information

Presentation Guidelines

Please follow the SIGACCESS Guidelines to create a presentation that all attendees can enjoy and learn from. We summarize the linked SIGACCESS guidelines and add a few more below:

  • Choose a high contrast color scheme that supports color blind readers,
  • Use more than color coding to communicate information,
  • Keep text brief,
  • Keep graphics simple and verbally describe images, animations, videos,
  • Avoid using a pointer,
  • Caption videos,
  • Speak clearly, use a microphone, face the audience, and use common, understandable terms,
  • Post your slides early and provide a link them them on the slides,
  • Share your contact information, and
  • Download your slides, videos, and sounds locally on your computer; don’t depend on wifi for your presentation.

Session Lengths

Presentation lengths vary by presentation type:

  • Paper Presentations: 20 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions
  • Panels: 75 minutes
  • Special Sessions: 75 minutes
  • Workshops: 3 hours
  • ACM Student Research Competition:
    • Poster: 4 hours
    • Semi-finalist presentation: 10 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of questions
  • BOFs: 50 minutes
  • Demos: 45 minutes
  • Lightning Talks: 5 minutes
  • Nifty Assignments: 75 minutes / # of speakers
  • Posters: 2 hours

Conference Policies for Presenters

Remember to follow SIGCSE Conference Policies and the ACM Policy Against Harassment at ACM Activities.

As speakers at SIGCSE, show respect to others by:

  • keeping to time limits,
  • preparing presentations in advance,
  • listening to questions,
  • using the microphone so everyone can hear, and
  • repeating questions so the audience can hear.

Speakers are role models. As such, promote connections between attendees and engage with attendees on stage and off.

Room Information

General presentation rooms are equipped with:

  • Projector & screen, 16:9 aspect ratio, with a single HDMI cable for video
  • 1/8” audio connection at podium
  • Power Point Remote
  • Podium & microphone
  • Speakers
  • Panel presentation and special session rooms will also have a skirted headtable, 4 chairs, and two additional mics on the table.

The first two-three rows of the room will be setup classroom style followed by theater style.

BRING: Your own presentation laptop and your own dongle to link your laptop to HDMI. We recommend a backup of your presentation on USB.

Set your slide ASPECT RATIO to 16:9!

Pre-Symposium Events and Workshops

Room setup requests will most likely be accommodated, but there is a chance that a room may not be reset properly due to time constraints on venue staff.


Exhibit hall demos will have the following equipment:

  • 42” monitor cart with single HDMI cable
  • Podium & microphone
  • Speaker
  • Wireless Hand Held Mic
  • Power Point Remote


All poster sessions (including ACM Student Research Competition poster session) will be in the Exhibit Hall. Poster boards will have cards in a corner with your poster id number as listed in the program. Poster boards are double sided, with one poster on each side. Each poster station will have the following:

  • 4 foot by 8 foot poster board
  • Push pins
  • The poster board will straddle a small skirted table appropriate for handouts

There will NOT be any power outlets for the poster session.

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather use the room as provided.