Alison Clear

Recipient of the 2020 SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service to the Computer Science Education Community

Selected Insights Gathered for Computer Science Educators

A Lifetime Service award suggests many years of being involved in Computer Science Education. Over these years I have gained numerous active caring insights to promote support and guide Computer Science Educators. Being a successful CS educator does not just involve gaining a qualification and teaching classes. There are so many exciting and rewarding aspects to this career that enhance the classroom experience for all and also add to the promotion and excitement of the discipline. These insights are gathered from over 40 years of teaching and supervising students, 25 years as a Chair of Department and some exciting and innovative research projects. From the villages in the high Andes to local diversity issues, from coding in binary and hex to apps on smart phones the revolution of the digital age has been a major part of my journey in computer science education.


Alison Clear is an Associate Professor at the Auckland campus of the Eastern Institute of Technology. She has an extensive academic and professional career that has involved academic leadership in research, scholarship, teaching and curriculum development nationally and internationally and an extensive publication record in national and international conferences and journals in computing and information technology.

Her research interests include Women and Computing, ICT in developing countries, elearning implementation and the development of computing education. Alison is an invited international keynote speaker, has been a member of the international ACM Educational Council, member and vice chair of the ACM Special Interest Group in Computer Science Education and Fellow of the Institute of Information Technology Professionals (IITP) and Fellow of the Computing and Information Technology Research and Education in New Zealand (CITRENZ). She is currently leading an international research project CC2020 of 36 people from 20 countries to redefine the computing curricula for 2020 forward.