Reviewer Signup

SIGCSE uses a community reviewing process, and we encourage you to participate. New reviewers are always wanted, and it is one of the best ways you can contribute to the conference and help ensure a strong and diverse program. We invite you to sign up to be a reviewer this year! Just fill out this form to sign up as a volunteer:

Reviewer responsibilities: Reviewers are expected to review three to five submissions from one of the tracks in one or both rounds. Paper reviewers will be assigned at most three paper submissions to review. A small number of submissions are assigned to give reviewers the time make a through review of the submission and participate in discussions about those submissions with the other reviewers and Associate Program Chairs or Track Chairs. Associate Program Chairs meta-review eight to nine submissions.

But what if the paper deadline has passed? Don’t worry, we still need reviewing volunteers for the second submission deadline, for posters, demos, lightning talks, and BOFs. So don’t hesitate to sign up. We’ll also keep your information for next year, so you can be invited to review again. Thank you for serving in this important community support role!

To be considered for Round 1 reviewing, please sign up by Friday, August 9th. To be considered for Round 2 reviewing, plesae sign up by Friday, October 4th.

The Program Co-Chairs will periodically send out EasyChair invitations to volunteers for reviewing roles where additional people are needed.


If you have questions about anything discussed above, please contact the Program Co-Chair Team.