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Fighting Inertia - Getting from 0% to North of 50%

Presenters: Steve Bitner (University of West Florida)


Sometimes it is difficult to promote the usage of modern software practices in your department as well as your classroom.

We will discuss the steps that Steve Bitner, GitHub Campus Advisor, has taken with in the Department of Computer Science to promote the use of GitHub and other modern software practices. Take examples on how to convince your colleagues to embrace modern tools and practices. We will also discuss how Dominic Letarte, GitHub Campus Advisor, assigns team work when students have heterogeneous experience levels. The talk with discuss with simple examples, on how to scaffold simple team member interactions using GitHub Classroom, issues, pull requests, commit logs and the use of a project board.

Set up your digital classroom with GitHub Classroom

Presenter: Arelia Jones


Use GitHub Classroom to set up your assignments and automated tests, view students’ progress, and provide feedback, all online. We’ll walk you through it.